Rehmat Industries were established in 1996 and since then we are serving needs of today in Sanitary Fittings & Accessories. Our products range comprising of C.P. Fittings and Fancy Bathroom accessories are of high quality standards which are accepted as prestigious and captures 22% of the country’s sales. We are manufacturing top quality Sanitary Wares for all purposes .i.e. Household, Commercial or any way which you may think of using it to. Our products are manufactured from High Quality Raw Material and process is continued until it comes out as a finished product.

We pickup High Quality Pure Brass, Stainless Steel and High Quality Powder Coating colors and then production starts. We believe to provide utmost superior quality then any other does. We hold proper quality investigation and check on product right in the manufacturing phase. People love our products because we care and we want everyone to be cared who is using our products.

Feel free to visit us any time you would like and write us at: info@rehmatindustries.com

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